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With over 4 years of professional experience in the field of 3D visualizations, I bring a unique blend of architectural expertise and technical skill to every project. Drawing from my architectural background, I have honed my skills to create high-quality images that not only showcase the design but also establish an emotional connection with the project.

Work at Xoio

 2019 - 2024

After completing various specialized courses in architectural visualization, I had the opportunity to join Xoio, one of the firs architectural visualization agency in Berlin. Being part of an office with such a rich background and highly qualified team was an absolute pleasure. Working at Xoio allowed me to collaborate with a diverse range of clients, including Studio Aisslinger, Vattenfall Europe, Daimler AG, Eqviva Projektbetreuung, TPA Design, and many more. Being involved in these projects allowed me to work at an exceptionally high level of quality and develop strong project management skills for large-scale endeavors.

Studing Architecture at TU Berlin 


The Technical University of Berlin provided me with a dynamic and inspiring learning environment, fostering my passion for architectural exploration. Through rigorous coursework, design studios, and hands-on experiences, I gained a comprehensive understanding of architectural principles, ranging from spatial composition and structural analysis to sustainability and urban planning.

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